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Pulltab is an architectural firm that was established in 2001 and is currently located in the vibrant Flatiron District of Manhattan. With a focus on residential design, they specialize in a wide range of projects including apartment renovations, townhomes, penthouse additions, roof gardens, and even furniture design.

When it comes to their approach, Pulltab aims to create warm and inviting environments using natural materials. Although they identify as strident modernists, architects Melissa Baker and Jon Handley also value historical precedent and continuously seek to expand their perspectives. The end result of their designs not only fulfills the functional needs of a space but also imbues it with sensory and emotive qualities.

What sets Pulltab apart from other architectural firms is their ability to create open and light-filled spaces with innovative and modern detailing. They are known for their use of custom-engineered and fabricated pieces that are tailored to each specific project. Their work is characterized by ingenious and practical solutions, such as concealed storage systems, fold-down tables, built-in and freestanding furniture, display cabinets, and custom hardware.

One of the key influences on Pulltab's work is the exchange of ideas with their clients, as well as their longstanding relationships with top-level contractors. Additionally, they draw inspiration from midcentury modern design and the works of renowned architects and designers such as Carlo Scarpa, Louis Kahn, and Marcel Breuer. The modern architect poet Juhani Pallasmaa and writer Leonard Koren, particularly his book on Wabi-Sabi, also serve as constant sources of inspiration for the studio.

Overall, Pulltab is a forward-thinking architectural firm that brings a unique blend of modernism and historical appreciation to their residential designs. With their ability to create light-filled spaces and innovative detailing, they continue to push the boundaries of architectural possibilities.

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