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MPdL Studio, an architecture firm founded by the esteemed National Design Award Winner, Mónica Ponce de León, AIA, is renowned for its interdisciplinary approach and collaboration among a team of talented architects and practitioners. With offices situated in New York, Boston, and Ann Arbor, MPdL Studio thrives on bringing together diverse perspectives to create remarkable designs.

At the heart of each project lies the expertise and vision of Mónica Ponce de León herself, who serves as the principal architect. Her invaluable contributions shape and guide every endeavor undertaken by the studio. However, it is the collective effort of the entire team that truly sets MPdL Studio apart. Each member brings their distinctive point of view and skill set to the table, ensuring that each design process benefits from a rich tapestry of ideas and experiences.

MPdL Studio's commitment to collaboration and interdisciplinary work fosters an environment where innovation thrives. By embracing different perspectives and professional backgrounds, the studio is able to approach projects from various angles, resulting in unique and inspired designs. This diverse team, spread across different geographical locations, allows MPdL Studio to draw inspiration from the vibrant architectural scenes in New York, Boston, and Ann Arbor, infusing their projects with a sense of place and context.

In summary, MPdL Studio, led by the talented Mónica Ponce de León, operates with a collective mindset that values collaboration and diverse perspectives. With offices in New York, Boston, and Ann Arbor, the studio benefits from the vibrant architectural scenes in these cities. By combining the expertise of their interdisciplinary team, MPdL Studio creates designs that are both distinctive and contextually rich.

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