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Our architectural and engineering firm specializes in heritage conservation and sustainable retrofit services. With local offices serving the NYC area and the CT/New England Region, we have been providing project-specific solutions for almost three decades. Our expertise lies in conserving, retrofitting, and optimizing the performance of existing buildings, and we pride ourselves on delivering quality in every phase of a project.

In Connecticut, we have successfully completed notable projects such as the restoration of Norwalk CT's City Hall complex and the repurposing of the Historic Falls Village firehouse. Meanwhile, our NYC office is currently under contract for the restoration of various facilities for neighborhood libraries and parks department athletic facilities.

At our firm, we take an innovative design approach to improve upon the original construction assemblies of buildings. We address shortcomings and deficiencies through resilient solutions that enhance thermal efficiency, weathertightness, and structural integrity. By implementing exterior improvements like green/insulated roofing systems, window replacements, solar installations, moisture barriers, and exterior cladding, we can help reduce energy use and decrease the carbon footprint of buildings while enhancing interior comfort.

When it comes to projects involving interior reconfiguration or changes in use, we understand the importance of interpreting applicable codes. As we update interior spaces with new technologies, we prioritize universal accessibility, fire safety, building security, and environmental health. By embracing these goals and requirements, we can successfully retrofit or repurpose your building for generational change.

Overall, our firm is dedicated to providing architectural and engineering services that not only preserve the heritage of buildings but also contribute to a more sustainable future. With a focus on quality and a commitment to meeting codes and requirements, we strive to deliver successful outcomes for every project we undertake.

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