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Hughesumbanhowar Architects (HUUM) is a full-service architectural practice with design studios located in South Florida and Los Angeles. Our primary goal is to create exceptional projects, buildings, and objects for discerning and engaged clients. Rooted in our deep appreciation for craftsmanship, form, and building technology, our work reflects the contemporary context in which we operate. At the core of our design philosophy lies a strong belief in the creative nature of design, the significance of thorough research, the value of ingenuity and invention, and the social purpose of architecture. Furthermore, we consider sustainability to be an inherent responsibility to both current and future generations.

Since our establishment in 2001, HUUM has been actively involved in supporting local community causes by donating our time and resources. In recent years, we have expanded our commitment to community building through pro bono work for the 1% program and other organizations. Notable projects include the Drews Avenue Kitchen in Jamaica and the Watts House Project community development in collaboration with artist Edgar Arceneaux.

Our dedication to excellence in architecture has been recognized through numerous awards. Over the past decade, we have received 17 local and state AIA awards, highlighting the exceptional quality of our architectural work. These accolades are a testament to the innate creativity and talent of our firm's Principals and design team, who consistently devise innovative solutions in the face of challenges. Our success also stems from our meticulous and collaborative process, which involves close engagement with clients, builders, and consultants. Most recently, we were honored with the prestigious 2012 PA Award for the Prairie Chapel.

At HUUM, we firmly believe that the process of creating architecture is as significant as the final product. Our approach emphasizes a hands-on methodology, ensuring that our Principal-in-Charge remains personally and directly involved throughout all project phases, including both design and project management. As attentive listeners, we strive to develop multiple options and solutions during the design phase, guaranteeing high standards of productivity and quality in our projects.

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