Engaging Spaces: Transforming Perception with Freecell Architecture

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About the company

Freecell Architecture LLC believes in the importance of engaging physically with materials, methods, and structures to solve design problems. The studio sees itself as an open organism, constantly absorbing, processing, and growing from external influences and resources. By creating site-specific, three-dimensional constructs, the studio aims to transform and challenge the use and perception of space. Their work encompasses installations, residential design, and furniture fabrication.

The motivation behind Freecell Architecture's work lies in their desire to encourage people to actively engage with their surroundings. Through a meticulous study of behavior and situational conditions, they strive to create designs that prompt individuals to interact with their context. The studio's approach is to achieve maximum impact with minimal means, often utilizing simple materials to bring about new inventions. They aim to challenge conventions in both high and low culture, seeking to combine art, architecture, industrial design, and social interaction by bypassing traditional processes.

For Freecell Architecture, temporary spatial interventions serve as their laboratory to explore and learn about place, environment, and perceptions. By experimenting with these interventions, they gain valuable insights into how spaces can be transformed and experienced differently. Their work focuses on overturning preconceived notions and conventions, aiming to merge art and design disciplines with social engagement. In doing so, they strive to create unique and thought-provoking experiences that challenge traditional notions of architecture and design.

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67 35th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA
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