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EDX is a collaborative of 2D and 3D designers, writers, strategists, and planners based in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to create memorable experiences that tell captivating stories. We work with museums, organizations, businesses, and parks across the United States, from Alaska to Puerto Rico, to engage and inspire thousands of people each year. Our goal is to help individuals from all walks of life connect with a place and its story through engaging interpretive experiences.

At EDX, we believe in the power of broad-minded creativity and interpretive strategies. Our practice involves weaving together design contributions from various disciplines and media to create seamless, multi-sensory experiences. Through our finished projects, we strive to connect with audiences in a direct and personal way, creating environments and exhibits that reward curiosity and facilitate natural learning.

While most of our work involves creating new interpretive experiences for existing spaces, we occasionally have the opportunity to collaborate with architects and landscape architects from the inception of a project. This early collaboration allows us to integrate the interpretive experience into the building design, resulting in a cohesive and enhanced final product. We firmly believe that ongoing collaboration throughout the design process leads to better buildings, exhibits, and ultimately, a more enriching experience for visitors.

With a team that includes licensed architects and architecture graduates, EDX is well-equipped to work alongside building design teams. We understand the ideas and concepts being developed by architects, enabling us to identify opportunities to enhance the exhibit experience through design modifications. Our collaborative approach has been recognized with national exhibit design awards for projects such as the Fossil Discovery Exhibit at Big Bend National Park and the Mesa Verde Research and Visitor Center Exhibits at Mesa Verde National Park.

As a small firm with over twenty years of experience, EDX has had the privilege of working on various projects, including those with museums, nature centers, and corporate offices. We are particularly honored to be contracted by the National Park Service to design exhibits for visitor centers across the country. Over the past two decades, we have worked with more than 60 national parks, entrusted with preserving and sharing the stories of these significant places.

In summary, at EDX, we are dedicated to creating immersive and engaging interpretive experiences. Through collaboration, creativity, and a passion for storytelling, we strive to connect people with the places they visit and foster a deeper understanding of their stories.

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