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UltraBarrio, LLC is an architecture studio that originated from MIT with a specialized focus on Architecture, Urban Design, and Planning. With a deep understanding of the challenges posed by our urbanizing environment, our team brings a unique and intense design approach to the table. Our primary objective is to shape cities in a way that enhances civic engagement, promotes sustainability, and fosters intergenerational connections through innovative design solutions.

At UltraBarrio, we pride ourselves on being a small business with a strong commitment to making a positive impact on communities. We are proud to hold certifications as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB). These certifications reflect our dedication to diversity and inclusion in our practice, allowing us to bring a broader perspective to our projects.

Led by partners Amna Ansari and Marcus Martinez, UltraBarrio brings together a dynamic team of architects, designers, and planners who are passionate about creating meaningful spaces. Our expertise lies in urban design and planning, where we strive to tackle the complex challenges faced by cities today. By integrating design excellence with a comprehensive understanding of social, cultural, and environmental factors, we aim to produce transformative solutions that positively impact the lives of the people who inhabit these spaces.

Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to the creation of cities that are vibrant, sustainable, and interconnected. Through our innovative design approach and commitment to community engagement, UltraBarrio seeks to leave a lasting legacy that enhances the quality of urban life for generations to come.

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