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BILD DESIGN is a collective of skilled architects, designers, and fabricators who collaborate to create innovative built environments. Founded in 1998 by Byron Mouton, a highly regarded architect and craftsman from New Orleans, the studio brings together individuals with diverse portfolios of experience and talent. Their projects are a fusion of ideas and explorations, centering around three key elements: ground, space, and assembly.

With a focus on ground, BILD DESIGN delves into how architectural forms interact with their surroundings and context. They strive to create designs that not only receive but also react to the environment in which they are situated. By considering the relationship between form and context, they aim to develop spaces that harmoniously integrate with their surroundings.

The studio's exploration of space revolves around the configuration and construction of layered spatial experiences. BILD DESIGN seeks to invent new ways of organizing and utilizing space, crafting designs that offer unique and engaging environments. Through their inventive approach, they aim to create spaces that inspire and enhance the experiences of those who inhabit them.

Assembly is another crucial aspect of BILD DESIGN's work. They employ various means and methods to join different parts, ensuring a cohesive and functional structure. By employing innovative techniques and materials, the studio seeks to create designs that are not only visually striking but also durable and sustainable.

Recent projects by BILD DESIGN encompass a wide range of constructions, including both new developments and renovations. They have undertaken residential and commercial projects, often addressing regional concerns and exploring approaches to remediation. These endeavors reflect the studio's pre-Hurricane Katrina considerations, such as domestic vertical growth, the relationship between occupants and the ground, and post-storm responses. The designs also aim to establish extended contextual relationships with water, taking into account the unique challenges faced by communities in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Each BILD DESIGN project is influenced to some extent by the struggles faced by the local culture, encompassing issues of decay, economic scarcity, and preservation. Within this framework, the studio aims to address these challenges by integrating elements of salvage, progress, and integration. Through their designs, BILD DESIGN strives to contribute positively to the revitalization and progress of communities, while respecting the heritage and context of each location.

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