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Architect Paul Athineos, the founder of Architects' Rule, P.C., possesses a deep understanding of building codes, which provides him with a unique perspective on design possibilities. With this expertise, Mr. Athineos is able to find solutions to design challenges that were previously rejected by local authorities. As a licensed and highly acclaimed architect, he brings his creativity and knowledge to overcome obstacles and create innovative designs.

In addition to his architectural credentials, Paul Athineos is also a Certified Code Enforcement Officer in New York State. This additional certification equips him with a comprehensive understanding of the regulations and requirements set forth by governing bodies. With his expertise, Mr. Athineos ensures that all designs comply with the necessary codes and regulations, minimizing the risk of issues during construction or after completion.

Currently, Mr. Athineos serves as the chairman of the Head-of-the-Harbor Architectural Review Board, showcasing his commitment to architectural excellence and his contribution to the community. Moreover, he is recognized as a certified New York City asbestos investigator, further highlighting his dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals within the built environment.

Architects' Rule, P.C., led by Paul Athineos, offers a wealth of architectural expertise backed by a thorough understanding of building codes. With their unique insights and problem-solving abilities, they can successfully address design challenges that were previously denied by local authorities. Whether it involves overcoming regulatory hurdles or creating innovative architectural solutions, Architects' Rule stands out as a reliable and knowledgeable architecture studio.

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